This is your best chance to get carried like king and queen as you sway between the jungle and rice paddies. Interact with Sumatran elephants with professional mahout as your guide. Wrap up your journey by visiting artisan village in Ubud and have the chance to bring the handmade goods home.

1. Kintamani Village

Overseeing the gigantic Mount Batur caldera couldn’t be better anywhere than Kintamani, Batur and Penelokan towns. You’ll be able to witness the liquid magma of the volcano and perceive the serenity of Lake Batur afar. These are definitely a stunning photography material.

2. Elephant Safari Park & Lodge

In the historic village of Taro, northern Ubud, you will embark on a scenic stroll atop an elephant through a large botanical garden and jungle. An experience you’ll never forget, interacting and exercising with gentle giants.

3. Tegallalang Rice Terrace

Tegallalang Rice Terraces in Ubud is probably one of the most renowned rice field in the eastern hemisphere and famous not for its advancement, but rather for retaining the traditional Balinese irrigation system known as Subak. And there’s no better way to experience its scenic landscape than to embark on a trekking journey on the slope across the valley. You’ll be able to purchase souvenirs offered by local kiosks along the road as well.

4. Batuan Artisan Village

Batuan village is small village in Ubud area famous for its traditional painting art, although recently they’ve developed into Balinese dance art centre as well. You will see a lot of painting being sold on the street as we step into the village. However, if you are curious about how far the painting quality can go, we can drive you to their official gallery. Artists in Batuan never cease to impress tourists for their artistic style. They don’t get influenced by Western taste, hence brings novelty to everyone’s look.

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